Hidden Stories

Back Tracking

Think of a time when you went through a painful challenge or difficulty. Reflect on how your life has evolved since that time, and identify three positive things that came from it.

Forward Facing

Think of an uncomfortable situation or problem you are currently facing. Can you reflect why you may be experiencing this and what lessons you could learn from it? If you learnt these lessons, how would your life improve?

Deja vu

Think of a recurring situation that you find yourself facing again and again – maybe a relationship struggle, a financial issue, a physical ailment or emotional challenge. Can you identify a lesson that you failed to learn which may be causing this to reappear?

Group Discussion

How can we decipher the lesson we need to learn from any given situation?

In the emotional chaos of life, it’s often difficult for us to step away and appreciate how the situation at hand can aid us to upgrade our existence. With Krishna’s encouragement, Arjuna embraced his situation and went on to flourish in all aspects of life. In hindsight, it’s scary to think what may have happened if Arjuna had retired from the battlefield!

Learning the art of being an observer of life, and not just an invested participant, can transform everything.

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