Quietly Confident

It may seem that not being in control of your life is highly disempowering. Look at the table below, however, and consider how this profound truth may alter your approach to life and maximise your potential:

SituationI controlKrishna controls


Proud / Complacent

Grateful / Humble


Depressed / Frustrated

Accepting / Determined


Angry / Blame

Reflective / Progressive


Nervous / Overwhelmed

Excited / Confident


Inadequate / Weak

Empowered / Strong

Spiritual journey

Hopeless / Unachievable

Hopeful / Achievable

Can you reflect on life examples for each of the above? For example, can you think of a time when you failed and became depressed due to your lack of spiritual awareness? Maybe you have witnessed someone who faced a challenging situation but became empowered due to their dependence on God? How can we develop the awareness that Krishna is in control?

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