True Lies

Nature and Nurture can cement us in a worldview and way of thinking that’s not necessarily in line with reality. We carry many biases within us, which can limit and impede our growth and progress. Consider the following and reflect on whether you can pinpoint examples of them in your life? Can you then think of examples where connection with spiritual wisdom has helped you to overcome or see beyond those biases?

Five Popular Biases

Framing Bias – the tendency to accept information or opinions that are presented in a language and style with which we resonate.

Anchoring Bias – the tendency to be overly influenced by the first piece of information that we receive.

Consensus Bias – the tendency to accept the opinions and understanding of the people that immediately surround us.

Attentional Bias – the tendency for recurring thoughts to skew one’s perception and cement one into a way of thinking.

Self-Serving Bias – the tendency to believe those things which serve our personal desires, needs and motivations

An example of this in your life?How was this bias exposed?

Framing Bias

Anchoring Bias

Consensus Bias

Attentional Bias

Self-Serving Bias

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