Connection Points

In the ancient treatise of devotion written by Rupa Goswami, known as Bhakti-Rasamrita-Sindhu, he outlines 64 ways in which one’s devotional connection with Krishna can be reawakened. Amongst them he stresses five to be the most powerful:

Spiritual People (sadhu-sanga) – association with spiritually minded people.

Spiritual Books (bhagavata-sravana) – study and immersion in spiritual literature.

Spiritual Sounds (nama-kirtan) – meditation and absorption in the divine name of Krishna.

Spiritual Places (mathura-vasa) – visits to and residence in places of pilgrimage.

Spiritual Forms (murti-seva) – practical service to the personal deity form of God.

What can you do to engage in these five spiritually powerful acts on a regular basis.

Once a weekOnce a monthOnce a year

Spiritual People

Spiritual Books

Spiritual Sounds

Spiritual Places

Spiritual Objects

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