Do Not Disturb

The mind is made of what? Thoughts. There are four broad types of thought – negative, positive, functional and wasteful.

Imagine your mind to be a room in which there are four different corners, corresponding to the four types of thoughts. In the room is a big ball of light representing your awareness. Whatever this ball of light illuminates will dominate your consciousness.

Reflect on your mind’s activity yesterday and identify thoughts that came up under the various categories:

A Grid of Thoughts

Mind control is all about empowering the functional and positive thoughts, and quietening the negative and wasteful thoughts. Engaging in spiritual practice and meditation are the most powerful tools we have to make this shift.

Please see the article in the appendix which details the spiritual practices recommended in the Bhagavad-Gita. In this essay we detail the practice of bhakti-yoga and the various aspects that can be integrated into one’s daily life.

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