My spiritual master, Kadamba Kanana Swami, is the proof-reader of my life. He is the sharp and saintly soul who expertly guides me at every step, revealing a vision of the future that extends way beyond my own limited perspective. Because he told me to write, I’m trying my best.

There are some individuals who have more faith in you than yourself. For me, the late Srutidharma Das was one of those people; an endless fountain of encouragement and empowerment. He was a living theology – the Bhagavad-Gita in action.

Several kind-hearted individuals offered invaluable feedback, input and advice – Pranada Devi Dasi, Chris, Lila Kamala and Jenny. Thanks for your time and energy. Credit for the front cover design goes to Dina. Finally, my gratitude to Yogi – a technical whizz kid who effortlessly transforms a manuscript into a printed book.

A special thanks to Amogha Lila Das who generously contributed towards the printing of Gita3.

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