Time for God

Until we have that face-to-face interaction with Krishna, there are other immediate ways to contact Him.

God is transcendent (beyond this world) and simultaneously immanent (perceivable in our immediate realm). One can perceive His presence in the following ways, though it does require a quality investment of TIME to forge that connection:

T – Temple Deity – God’s immanence in the material world may be brought to perception when material elements, such as marble, metal or wood, become sacred forms of worship according to authorised prescriptions.

I – Individual Beings – Krishna explains He is within the hearts of all living beings and from Him comes knowledge, remembrance and forgetfulness. We can interact with Him through others.

M – Material Nature – while God is the source of the universe, He is simultaneously present within it. Indeed, He declares in Bhagavad Gita that whatever wondrous and beautiful creations we see, spring from but a spark of His splendour.

E – Events ofLife – we may not see God’s face, but we can perceive His hand in everyday events and experiences. By fine-tuning our consciousness, we can begin to perceive the dynamic ways in which Krishna intervenes in our lives and crafts beautiful arrangements.

Can you think of instances where you feel you have encountered God in these ways? What convinces you it was something spiritual and not just your mind?

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