Four a Day

For an endeavouring spiritualist, four key areas of life are highlighted as being of paramount importance. Mark yourself out of ten on each of these areas and identify one thing you can do to improve that score.

  1. Sleep

• Resting the body at a regulated time everyday

• Early to bed and early to rise

• 6-8 hours for sleep (adjust according to health / age)

• Sleeping on the right or left side, avoiding the stomach

Score ( /10)


  1. Diet

• Regular meal times, avoiding anything just before sleep

• Eat a balanced, fresh, vegetarian diet, offering that food in a spiritual way

• Opt for home-cooked food which is prepared with care and attention

• Incorporate fast days for giving the body a break / recuperation

Score ( /10)


  1. Cleanliness

• In one’s environment – house, office, car

• In one’s relationships – avoiding gossip, envy, criticism / being positive and empowering

• In physical habits – bodily, clothes, daily routines

• In consciousness – avoiding mental contemplations that compromise purity

Score ( /10)


  1. Meditation

• Establish as a daily practice

• Give your full focus and attention (no multi-tasking)

• Performed early morning, in a fresh, quiet environment

• Have a dedicated time in the year (perhaps a week or two) where you immerse yourself in a deeper way

Score ( /10)


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