The Balancing Act

Go through the following questions and tick the ones you would answer ‘yes’ to:


1. I don’t read spiritual books on a daily basis.

2. I usually end each day with a huge list of things left to do.

3. I feel uncomfortable and uneasy when I have time off and no pressing responsibilities.

4. I regularly have a huge backlog of emails / people to contact / messages to answer.

5. I feel like all my energy is taken up by work and career, leaving little energy for anything else.

6. I feel my spiritual practices are mechanical.

7. I consciously avoid spending time with others because I have too many things to do.

8. I rarely reflect / introspect / scrutinize my life direction.

9. I rarely do charity work or activities which are for the benefit of people I don’t know.

10. I find it hard to sleep / don’t get enough sleep.

11. I have lost a friendship over anger or failing to respect the other person.

12. I rarely think about spirituality or question things around me from a spiritual point of view.

13. When friends ring me I rarely have the time to have a friendly chat with them.

14. I feel like I complain and find faults, more than being grateful and positive.

15. I have health issues which are related to stress, anxiety, or irregular habits.

16. I have not taken a holiday in a year.

17. My partner or children sometimes complain that I don’t have enough quality time for them.

18. I don’t have time to spend on self-development / exploring things I am interested in.

19. If an emergency comes up in my life I find it very difficult to adjust.

20. Most of my interactions with people are just about ‘getting things done.’


Count up how many of the statements were true for you. Here is the analysis:

0-7: Great! Keep going

8-14: Life Balance needs Adjustment

15-20: Danger! Urgent attention needed

Go back and look at all the statements you marked as true and consider what changes you could make to redress this.

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