Spiritual Flow

The art of growth is to bend ourselves without breaking ourselves. The tendency in life is to underachieve or overstretch. When the challenge level exceeds our capacity level we end up breaking down. When our capacity level exceeds the challenge level, we stagnate in the comfort zone. Thus, we have to keep progressing by building our capacity, and simultaneously finding appropriate goals and challenges to meet that skill level.

In order to find that flow state, here are some general tips:

Set Goals – this give you a sense of achievement and also allows you to gauge your present capacity, and how that is growing over time

Get Feedback – ask experienced spiritual practitioners for advice and share with them your goals for growth so they can add their experiences into the equation

Invest in Yourself – increase your capacity by learning and evolving, so that you can take on bigger challenges

Take Risks – don’t be afraid to take risks and try something different – whether it ‘works’ or not, it will certainly give you more insight and understanding about yourself and your potential

Be Steady – in order to build spiritual momentum and have cumulative effect, and the principle is never to take a step down. Growth should be pursued in such a way that it never takes you back.

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