Library for Life

Of all his contributions, Srila Prabhupada’s books are perhaps the most significant. His books have been read by people from all walks of life, translated into over eighty languages, and distributed in the millions. The meticulously translated writings constitute a veritable library of Vedic philosophy, religion, literature, and culture. Dr. Garry Gelade, a lecturer at Oxford University’s Department of Philosophy, wrote of them: “These texts are to be treasured. No one of whatever faith or philosophical persuasion who reads these books with an open mind can fail to be moved and impressed.”

Here is a rough guideline of how to progress through the library of Srila Prabhupada’s books. You can tick them off as you complete them but remember that multipe readings bring deeper insights.

Srila Prabhupada’s disciples and followers have also written and translated many valuable books which can enrich our understanding.

As with chanting, it’s best to read daily, either a certain number of pages or for a certain amount of time. We can make a thorough study, noting interesting or difficult passages, or we can simply read our way through, confident of our spiritual edification. It’s a good idea to offer respects to Krishna and His representatives before we begin reading. We can pray that the words we read will penetrate our heart and transform our character. Srila Prabhupada explains that besides reading, we should discuss spiritual topics with others. This is actually the best way to assimilate knowledge. There are courses at the temple and organised study groups in local areas.



Foundational philosophical understanding

Perfection of Yoga

Chant and be Happy

Perfect Questions Perfect Answers

Raja Vidya: King of Knowledge


Detailed philosophical understanding

Science of Self Realisation

Journey of Self Discovery


Sri Isopanisad


Practice of bhakti-yoga

Nectar of Instruction

Nectar of Devotion


Relationship with Krishna & Srila Prabhupada

Krishna: The Supreme Personality of Godhead

Prabhupada: Your Ever Well-wisher


Graduate Study

Teachings of Lord Caitanya



Post-graduate Study


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