Me to We

In order to truly awaken selflessness within the heart, we have to be convinced of its beauty and practicality.

Reflect on the following questions:

Is it Desirable?

How would the quality of your life improve if you were more selfless? Wouldn’t removing all selfishness make life bland and boring? Wouldn’t we risk becoming bitter and frustrated if people don’t reciprocate with our selflessness?

Is it Practical?

Can one who is selfless survive in this dog-eat-dog world? How would you avoid people taking advantage of you? Can you be selfless amongst materialistic people or is it something to cultivate amongst spiritualists?

Is it Achievable?

Is selflessness something that we can realistically expect to achieve in this lifetime? Have you seen examples of selfless spiritualists? What could be a practical way to advance towards selflessness? How do we measure our level of selflessness?

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