The Yoga of Writing

One of the most effective ways to better understand your mind, its movements, and how to remould it, is through the powerful process of journaling. Words are not just a means of expressing ourselves, but a way to discover ourselves.

Broadly speaking, we could say there are two aspects of the self:

Impulsive self – the senses and mind, which instinctively respond to the stimuli of the world.

Reflective self – the intelligence and soul, which are empowered with insight and discrimination.

Journaling facilitates an interaction between the two so we can harness the benefits of both.

In your journal reflect on the following observations through the lens of scriptural wisdom. As an experiment reflect on this week:

Observations of the day – the lessons learnt from conversations, interactions and events of the day.

Observations of oneself – analysis of one’s own lifestyle, character, attitude, and general response to various situations.

Observations of the world – reflecting on the affairs of the material world and how various environments affect us.

Observations of Krishna – detecting the messages, interventions and arrangements of Krishna within our life.

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