Locating your Heart

Read the following statements and deeply consider what answer would fit most (if not all) of these statements:


You think about it all the time

It drives your decisions

You trust it to solve your problems

You sacrifice all else for its sake

You hold on to it as tight as you can

Everyone will have their individual responses. A popular answer may be ‘money.’ Some people identify ‘family,’ or a special person in their life. Other people cite an achievement or accolade. Maybe it’s a dream, a religion or a way of living?

Our answers are indicative of what we have faith in. Each of us put faith in something, and that naturally drives our decisions and life trajectory. The goal of the Bhagavad-Gita is to help one nurture a relationship with Krishna, such that it becomes just as natural to put faith in Him as any of the things mentioned above. By investing in that relationship, crafting the connection through study, selfless service and spiritual practice, it eventually becomes completely natural to answer each one of these questions with ‘Krishna.’ That’s the answer that won’t let us down.

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