A Battle Plan

Think of an area of your life where you are regularly falling prey to temptation and destructive behaviours.

Write down the emotions / feelings that you have when you fall victim to this.

Now make a plan which will help you to develop the strength and resolve to resist this:

Conviction – have a strong why:

Write down a) how your life would improve if you were able to refrain from this b) examples of real-life success stories in this regard c) glimpses of this success that you have witnessed in your life

Openness – have a good friend:

Write down a) what benefit could come if you share your struggles / successes with someone else b) what stops you from being open with someone c) who is a person that you could confide in

Safety – have the right surrounding:

Write down a) situations, interactions, mindsets which make you vulnerable to this weakness b) practical changes you could make to strengthen your resolve c) new environments you could create which would bring positive energy

Taste – have a sense of inspiration:

Write down a) situations where this weakness has disappeared due to engagement in something more progressive b) activities which bring you inspiration and strength c) spiritual engagements you need to invest in

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