School of Bhakti

School of Bhakti is a unique educational hub and vibrant community as well. The School was founded at Bhaktivedanta Manor, the historic spiritual sanctuary donated by George Harrison, and now functions in multiple locations around the UK and abroad.

At the School, friendly, down-to-earth tutors share empowering wisdom and impactful spiritual techniques with the modern-day seeker. Through practical philosophy, lifestyle, culture and spiritual activity, the School facilitates a journey that will inspire and transform the student on every level. Seeing this as the greatest need of the day, the School also reaches out to the wider world, sharing spiritual solutions which contribute to a more positive planet.

The courses, cultural events, retreats, and informal get-togethers, equip the student to live what they learn and face the experiences of life in a way that makes them happier, healthier and wiser. The School is not just a centre of spiritual excellence, but also a warm, vibrant community of diverse, inquisitive, and creative individuals – it’s a place where you’ll form spiritual friendships that will illuminate your journey in life.

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